Thursday, March 30, 2006


Hello everybody!

Hello everybody! I'm Costa, I'm 18, I live in Fafe and I'm a cadet of the first year of the Academy of the Portuguese Air Force. I'm a nice guy and I hope to improve my English in this blog. I know I have a lot of work ahead, but with some work and dedication I'll learn enough English to teach the teacher.

I know you are a nice guy, and I know you are going to improve your English, but will you learn enough English to teach me?? We'll see it!
Hi Costa,

Now you have two teachers that you can have as your students in learning English.

What will you teach Luisa and me? :-)
My students are also very interested in aircraft. You can visit their blogs by going to and then clicking on the links in the right sidebar. The students at ENA (Ecole nationale d'aerotechnique) are studying in fields related to aviation
Nice idea to learn English so that to teach English teacher! The best of luck!
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