Saturday, March 25, 2006


Hello, I'm Alexandre

My name is Alexandre Miguel Godinho Pinto Marvão, I am 19 years old and I am a student of the Academy of the Portuguese Air Force.
I live in Sintra (Rio de Mouro) about 10 km of distance of the Academy. I'm a dedicated person, I love airplanes. One of my hobbies is airplane modeling.
With this blog I hope to improve my English.

Greetings, Alexandre.
Hi, Alex,
You are lucky! You live quite near the Academy, so you have lots of time to dedicate to your hobby. Good for you! By the way,don't forget to study, ok?
Hi Alex,

I am a teacher in the USA. I live in the countryside between a farm and an air force base, so I have the opportunity to see lots of airplanes every day.

When the president comes to visit my state, his airplane always lands at the Air Force base.

Keep practicing your English:-)
Dear Alexandre--
My students love airplanes too! They are studying to be aircraft mechanics, to work in aircraft construction or in avionics.
To Luísa,

Yes, I'm lucky. I never forget to study! As people usualy sai "Every one was what he desverve" :D

To Sharon,

Well I can't say that Sintra is a countryside, Sintra is big it isn't a city yet because we need a Hospital a some facilitis.
You are very lucky to have a air force base near you. Here e see too many aircrafts but they are only for transport, soo I can't say they are beautiful.
When the presite comes to visit Sintra, he don't come to aircraf he comes by car...

To Englsih_teacher,

Well that's great. My Grandfather was a aircraft mechanics too, but what I realy want is to be a pilot.
Hi again Alex,

So you want to be a pilot! It's a very exciting life!

Have you ever seen any video of the Blue Angels?

You can read about them and listen to the audio file at

They are a precision flying team that flies in formation. My husband and I go to see them each time they appear in our area.
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Hey Sharon,

Yah I like Blue Angels too. I never saw a video, I just saw pic. They are very good, one of the bests of the world.
By the way thanks about the site :D that's a very cool site.
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