Thursday, May 04, 2006


'Sweet Rice'


- One cup of rice
-The same cup with sugar
- Two yolks
-1l of milk
-Lemon zest
- Cinnamon

- In a pot, put water, the lemon zest and some salt. Take it to the fire.
- When it begins to boil, put the rice, and blend the rice.
- Slowly add milk till the rice cooks.
- Add the sugar and mix the rice.
- Out of the fire add slowly the yolks. Don't stop blending the rice.
- With a spoon remove the rice to the dishes.
- Finally decorate the rice with cinnamon.
Humm, I'm hungry.

So am I! After reading your recipe of "sweet rice" I only could think 'I wish I had something like that in front of me now!'
One of my favourite desserts. Just Yummy! :)
Hey Alexandre, sweet rice, that we call "arroz con leche" is one of my favorite dessserts. Your recipe made me salivate ;-)

Cheers from Caracas!

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