Wednesday, March 29, 2006


What do you usually look for in your fridge?

What's your favourite food?

How about giving us a recipe? I'm sure your girlfriends would love it!

Let's have a try, ok boys?

This page will help you!

Hello Luisa and handsome cadets :-)
I'm planning to prepare a "bacalhau" (cod fish) dish for Good Friday and would love to have a good recipe. What is the one that you prefer?
Warm regards from Brazil,
What I usually seeks in my fridge it's fruit, whater or any other drink, Yogort, cheese, any thing to fill the stomach.

My Favorit food, well i think i don't have because I like all most all food.

About the recipe i will give you the recipe of sweet rice because it's one recipe whose everybody likes.


1- a cup of Rice
2- the some cup with sugar
3- two yolks
4- 1L of milk
5- lemon peel


- In a pot, we put water, the lemon peels and some salt. It is taken to the fire.
- when it begins to boile, we put the rice, and we moved the rice.
- slowly we are going increasing milk till the rice cooks.
- nexte we add the sogar and we moved the rice.
- we stop the fire and we add smoly the yolks. It's important don't stop to move the rice.
- we turn on the fire again and it cooks for more 2 min.
- with a spoom we removed the rice for disks.
- in the end we decorated the rice with cinnamon.

Humm, I'm hungry.
I love your little cartoon. Even Webheads don't keep their computer in the fridge. At least, I don't think so!
Hi, Luisa!
I love the cartoon! Great sense of humor!! :-)
Congrats on the blog! You finally did it after three BaW workshops!! ;-) You should tell your students about it.
Happy holidays and Happy Easter everyone!
Teresa (a very close neighbor)
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