Sunday, April 09, 2006


Let's start a contest!

Hey, boys!
Let's have a contest on the best codfish recipe. A contest means voting, so people will come and vote. The deadline (the last day) will be the 24th of April. You have 2 weeks (not bad for homework! :). Can I count on you?
Have a nice Easter,
Your teacher Luísa
What a great idea! I am looking forward to reading your recipes. I hope you come up with some easy ones, asI am not much of a cook myself!!!!

Happy Easter!
Hello cristina, teacher.

Just to say that I would like to answer, but we haven't many time to expend here and looking for recipes.
I can not promise when I will put the recipe here, but I will ask one to my mother and later I will see what to do. I will try to do so fast as I can.
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