Monday, April 03, 2006


You are the best!

Hey, boys!
You've been great! And, Alex, your 'sweet rice' must be delicious, although there are some details that I can't understand. Anyway, we had our first recipe. What about the codfish? Our Brasilian teacher wants to cook it but she doesn't know how. Who can help her?Come on!

We all have to thank our visitors, too. They've been so sweet and helpful! Thank you Sharon, Bee, Chris, Nina and our Canadian??? English teacher! We are just starting this adventure, so be patient and forgive us. You are always welcome. See you around.
Hi, everyone!
I think I'm going to try this "sweet rice" when I finish my diet. I understand it well enough to be able to cook it.
As to a codfish recipe, maybe Bee and you all can take a look at my "Oven-baked codfish" at (scroll down)
I hope this will help students come up with your favorite codfish recipe and then, why not start a contest, Luisa? We'll all come and vote!
Happy codfish-recipe-hunting and happy Easter!
Hugs, Teresa
Hi, Teresa
Thanks for sharing our blog. I think your suggestion is great and I'm sure my students won't disappoint you. So, boys let's show that we can do things!
Love, Luísa
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