Thursday, May 25, 2006


Let's vote!

What's the best recipe?
#1. Codfish cakes
#2. My codfish recipe
#3. Golden Codfish
#4. The perfect meal
#5. Stewed codfish
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Hello everyone,
I read your recipes, and unfortunately I cannot choose a favourite.... you see, many of your recipes are some of my favourites Portuguese dishes...(arroz doce is one of my favourite desserts as well as pasteis de nata, and I LOVE bolos de bacalhau, especially when my mother makes them). The other recipes all sounded just delicious, too. They made me SOOOO hungry. I can't wait until this summer when I plan to go to Portugal and eat all these great foods, again. Maybe I will even try to cook some myself following your recipes.
Very good work, all of you.
Parabens a todos; um trabalho muito bem feito.
Hey , Happy merry christmas.
see you soon,
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